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“If you want to know how well your team is playing you must see the game from tribune.” - elf
“Seems well to have good people but is better to know how good they are.” - elf
Those people which don’t stop to improve their self win the fight with their ego and promote their teams to performance. Are enough desired this people in your organization? - elf
It’s not mandatory to find the best organizational structure. You need dynamic systems in a permanently improving process … and enthusiastic people. - elf
You can complain considering that your company’s problems are insoluble because … and you will continue with tense arguments. You are right to say that such problems are constraints that limit your actions but you cannot convince even yourself that there are no solutions, can you? - elf
“It's great to call a working group team . But, only with a label you will not get performance...” - elf

“All managers agree that any organizational success formula is based on anticipative thinking, passion, creativity and human ingenuity. However, when we design a job we fall back in amnesia and we are aware only about salary, training costs, breakeven...., is easier to put near a person a numerical chain.”
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