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Organizational Psychology and Management Challenge
Human Resources Management
One of the greatest games created by humans is called business.
It has rules, exceptions, public, soul, thinking and teams.
Many times even humans forget that the businesses are made by people for the other people, doesn’t matter if they are called managers, employees, shareholders or customers. The art of the game is to keep the harmony. It’s enough for a single category to be neglected and all of them will lose.
Those who are weak players consider managers being selfish, employees lazy, shareholders greed and customers whim. Those trained rejoice customer’s challenges, employees’ creativity, managers’ visionary and stakeholders’ spoiling.
There are no games looking like the others and the success arise for those that deserve it.
Of course this is only an elf opinion, but if you agree with it, you may ask with trust for our services in management and organizational consultancy in the next fields: organizational diagnosis, human resources management and employee evaluation, training programs in organizational communication, creativity and sales, teambuilding sessions, assistance in changing programs and organizational development (the services are available for Romanian country).

“In the companies where an Excellency Business Program works we are sure there is a managerial team who is understand the human resources psychology.”
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